About Us

Welcome To Loan4Smile

Loan4Smile is a trustworthy and secure way to get funds for unforeseen needs. We understand that no one can predict an emergency and provide you the leverage of applying for your loan from home or office, during day or night, on weekends as well as bank holidays. We credit the loan amount with minimal documentation. We lend you a maximum of 5 lakh rupees. This is to ensure that you are able to pay it back easily within 91 days. By following a quick application process you will get a decision from us instantly. While we make you enter your details online we ensure that your data is secure from any kind of cyber intrusions.
All of us at some stage of life experience a situation where we face a cash crunch for one reason or another. All we need at such junctures is a helping hand to lend some money and rescue us from the tricky state of affairs. Understanding these situations in your life Loan4Smile has been there to be that friend you need.


Hassle-Free Loan Process

The most difficult part about getting a loan these days is the amount of formalities that the banks and financial institutes make you go through. Be it complete documentation process or loan approval.
You have to go through a long wait period for everything from application to disbursal of your loan amount. Many of us do not have the patience for the procedures and hence are discouraged from even taking a loan.

Fast and Expedient Loans

In today's day and age, we understand the value of your time and have come up with a unique and bold way of providing loans. Our method of providing loan is extremely simple and not at all tedious. We understand your reasons of requiring funds immediately and ensure that we make it quick for you.
You may have an unexpected expense knocking on your door when you are left with the last few pennies.
The expense can be as simple as your day to day survival till you get your next pay or something as big as a medical emergency in the family. We shall be there for all of it.