Loan Availing Procedure

Availing loan from Loan4Smile is fast and easy. Applying for a loan and availing it right-away is a cakewalk. This complete process has been made simple for all our consumers. Unlike most banks and financial institutes we do not make you sit in front of your computer for hours to process your application. This is a simple three minute application at the end of which you will have our decision on your application instantly.

1. Online application

Decide on the amount that you wish to borrow and the tenure of repayment. Enter these and you will be directed to the page to fill your details such as personal, employment and contact details for the application process to be carried further.

2. Confirm registration

Once you have submitted your details on the application form we need to verify the details. This is done by simply sending you an OTP (One time password) on the email address and mobile number given by you along with your details. Enter the OTP to confirm that your registration is genuine and proceed further.

3. Instant approval

In an ideal situation your approval will be confirmed within minutes. In case of adequate details being not available, we may have to contact you via phone to make the process quick. We may also call you to bridge any gaps left in the application. To ensure that no time is wasted with the loan approval it is better to fill all the details completely at the very first go.

4. Signing the agreement

Like in all cases of money borrowing from an institute, after the approval signing the agreement papers is required. This process ensures that you are assured about the amount being sent to you and we are sure of the repayment.

5. Funds Disbursal

The last and the most exciting stage of the whole process is you receiving the funds. Once your agreement is signed, we disburse the loan amount almost instantly to your bank account. It generally takes 60 minutes to 24 hours for the funds to be transferred in your account depending on the procedures of your bank. On our side, we release your money within 30 minutes of you signing the agreement.